Children and Families

st.nics@st_nicsSt.Nic’s@St.Nic’s is an after school activity and service held once a month at St. Nicholas School. After a drink and biscuit to keep us going, we sing a bit, listen to a story, and make some wonderful things to take home (and maybe eat) before a last song and our ‘Messy Grace’. Children in Nursery and Reception are welcome with parents, Year 1 upwards bring a permission slip to school, and Middle School children are also very welcome.

Messy Church is a wonderful afternoon of crafts ending with a lively service and tea together. It is for children accompanied by a carer, and takes place several times a year.

Kids@Communion is our termly service for the children from our church who have been admitted to communion. It’s very informal, with lots of participation, and about 30 minutes long.

Becoming rooted in God, growing together in faith, reaching out with love.