communionIt’s good sometimes to think about our direction in life. Confirmation is a way of affirming that we want to be part of the church, and to walk with others the way of Jesus. Maybe you were baptised as a child, or maybe you haven’t been baptised. Come along to one of our Growing Together courses, usually held in the autumn. Over a series of evening meetings in someone’s home you can explore with others what Christians believe, and how we grow in our relationship with God. Then you may decide that you want to take part in the Confirmation service. The Bishop will come to pray for those being confirmed (either at our church or one nearby) and then they go on to take Holy Communion, often for the first time. It’s a very special service, and often a very significant step in someone’s life. Why not try it? Get in touch with Sue Richardson to find out more.

 Defend, O Lord, these your servants
with your heavenly grace,
that they may continue yours for ever,
and daily increase in your Holy Spirit
more and more, until they come
to your everlasting kingdom. Amen.

Becoming rooted in God, growing together in faith, reaching out with love.