funeralsIt’s always hard to be parted from someone we love. We support those who have been bereaved through taking services in church, or at the crematorium. We visit families to discuss your wishes, and we are privileged to hear about the person you love. We then help those memories be shared in the service.

Afterwards someone from our Pastoral  Care Team may be in touch with a partner, and you will be invited to our next Memorial Service, when the names of those we remember are read out, and candles are lit for each one.  We always remember those who have died and their families in our prayers, and we are pleased to offer any further support which you would like.

Dear Lord,
when sorrows come,
give us the grace of tears,
the courage to remember,
the patience to support one another,
and a sense of your presence and love.

Becoming rooted in God, growing together in faith, reaching out with love.