St Nicholas’ Churchyard

One of the roles of the Parish Church is to care for the churchyard, which is such an important place for so many people. We are very fortunate in Codsall to have a churchyard which is situated so beautifully, and which is still open for burials of those who were residents in Bilbrook or Codsall at the end of their lives.

It is never easy looking after a churchyard – there are a number of different needs to be balanced: the need of maintenance and safety, the needs of future generations, the needs of the bereaved with their different wishes. Our Churchyard Committee works hard to try to serve these different needs. We have our own regulations, agreed by the Diocese, which are a little more flexible than those of Lichfield Diocese in some areas. You can find the current Church Regulations 2017

In order to place a monument, a form must be filled in by the families and the monument mason. You can find the Memorial application form

The Application Form includes this statement:

The Churchyard Regulations do not permit any items to be placed on a grave or on a gravestone or base, apart from flowers which are placed in an integral flower holder. St. Nicholas’ Churchyard Committee has a policy of clearing the churchyard of dead flowers, old wreaths and discoloured artificial flowers twice a year. At this time, any objects which have been placed on graves or headstones will be removed, and be available for collection. The regulations state that graves may not be artificially raised, given a border or have plants set within them.

It is important that those considering burial in the churchyard are aware of our regulations, which differ from those in a cemetery. In the same way, a cemetery run by a local authority will charge a considerably higher fee for burials, and be maintained at a higher level than a churchyard in the countryside.

Our church is open during the daytime, a space to be quiet and maybe light a candle, and many of those who visit the churchyard call into the church at the same time.

Parish Church with churchyard that continues to be open for new burials and interments. This has been possible through generous private donations and public funding which has enabled the PCC to purchase new land, adjacent to the existing churchyard, so that it will continue to be available for future generations.

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