Sermons Prior to August 2017

We are pleased to publish the content of recent sermons given to the 9:30 Sunday service at St Nicholas Church. We hope you will find them of help and of interest.


Title Presented by:
South Staffs Council Civic Service 25.6.2017 Simon Witcombe
Refugee Week Mike Fox
The Lord our Rock Liz England
Easter Day 2017 Simon Witcombe
Undefended Simon Witcombe
The Walk to Emmaus Avril Neal
12th March 2017 Lent 2 Simon Witcombe
Choose Life Mike Fox
Salt Simon Witcombe
Candlemas 2017 Simon Witcombe


Title Presented by:
When the world was dark Simon Witcombe
Advent Sunday: the times they are a changin’ Mike Fox
Remembrance Sunday 2016 – Truth Simon Witcombe
3rd Sunday before Advent Avril Neal
Choices Simon Witcombe
Prayer and the News Simon Witcombe
Finding the lost Mike Fox
Our attitude to Money Simon Witcombe
Summary of the Law Mike Fox
Get up and walk Liz England
Bridges over which God’s grace can travel Simon Witcombe
Acts 2. John 14 Jackie Morgans
Better than cold baked beans… Simon Witcombe
Hands Phil Harper
Loss and love and beauty Simon Witcombe
Change for the better Mike Fox
Lent 3 2016 Thirst, hunger Simon Witcombe
Longing for others Simon Witcombe
Belief Simon Witcombe
What’s in a name? Liz England
An Epiphany Story Avril Neal
Are you slave or free? Mike Fox


Title Presented by:
The Song of Mary Keith Elbourne
Thy Kingdom Come Mike Fox
Do not be afraid Liz England
Prejudice Liz England
Remembrance 2015 Simon Witcombe
Sustainable Goals Mike Fox
The Joy of Simplicity Simon Witcombe
Sharing the Good News of Jesus Avril Neal
I didn’t like to ask Keith Elbourne
Shine Simon Witcombe
Welcoming Liz England Simon Witcombe
Stirrings Simon Witcombe
God within Mike Fox
Winners and Losers Keith Elbourne
John 3. 1-7. Luke 24. 36-48 Jackie Morgans
Reasons for believing Simon Witcombe
A little word with a big meaning! Keith Elbourne
Palm Sunday Gospel of St Mark Avril Neal
Passion Mike Fox
Wasting time Simon Witcombe
The angry Christ Simon Witcombe
Cleaning the Oven Simon Witcombe
Made in the image of God… Keith Elbourne
Candlemas 2015 – The gift of years Simon Witcombe
Spreading the Good News Mike Fox
Baptism of Christ 2015 ‘while’ Simon Witcombe
What sort of people ought we to be…? Keith Elbourne
Talent Jackie Morgans
Our Christian Goal Mike Fox

Becoming rooted in God, growing together in faith, reaching out with love.