Guidelines for Video Operators

Weddings at St. Nicholas’ Church, Codsall
We understand that your aim, like ours, is to help the couple have a great day which they can remember. Our concern is that the recording of the day should not take away from the experience of the service at the time. We therefore ask you to abide by the following guidelines.

Before the service:
If possible, please come to the Wedding Rehearsal (the couple will advise you when this is).

On the day, please check with the Minister officiating in plenty of time where camera(s) will be, following these guidelines. There are two places where we permit video cameras:

1. Next to the pillar in front of the Vestry door.

2. At the back of the centre aisle, level with the back row of seating. You will need to negotiate this space with the photographer!

We do not usually allow video cameras to be positioned on the far side of the wedding couple from the congregation. We know that this limits the shots you can get, but we believe that it is unhelpful for the video camera to be in the line of sight of the couple or the congregation. An exception may be made if the camera is unmanned, but this must be agreed with the Minister.

Once the camera is set up, it must remain in that place – you may not move with the camera during the service, except during the signing of the register.

If you have any other questions, please ask our Verger, or the Minister officiating at the service.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


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