Guidelines for Photographers

Weddings at St. Nicholas’ Church, Codsall
We understand that your aim, like ours, is to help the couple have a great day which they can remember. Our concern is that the recording of the day through the photographs should not take away from the experience of the service at the time.

We therefore ask you to abide by the following guidelines.

Before the service:
Please make sure that photographs of the bridal party do not take too long, as this can delay the service (we may have more than one wedding that day) and may not be helpful for the bride, or groom!

If you wish to take photos of the bride as she is entering, please consult the Minister about what is appropriate.

During the service:
Please set up your camera in the centre aisle, level with the back row of seated guests, and remain in this position.

If you have an auxiliary camera, you must discuss the position of this with the Minister.

Feel free to take photographs during the hymns (without flash).

A photo during the happy couple’s kiss is fine, as is one photo during the exchange of rings.

Photographs during and after the signing of the registers are fine, but this is still part of the service, so please do not take an unreasonable time over this.

Please do not  take any photographs during the spoken parts of the service, including the vows. Even without flash, the use of a camera is distracting and can take the focus away from the couple during these most significant parts of the service.

After the service:
Please be aware that there may be another wedding on the same day, in which case you will need to limit the time for photographs outside the church – your couple will be able to tell you if this is so.

If it is raining, you may wish to take some photographs inside the church. In this case, please consult the Minister, and please limit the time that you take, as our Verger will have already been at the church for at least two hours.

If you have any other questions, please ask our Verger, or the Minister officiating at the service.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Becoming rooted in God, growing together in faith, reaching out with love.