Church Life Sunday

Every year, on Church Life Sunday, we give those in our churches the chance to say how you would like to be involved with our church life in all its variety. It may be that you have only started getting involved in the church recently, or that there is something new you would like to try. This is your chance!

We also like to highlight particular ways to get involved from our church Focus Areas for the coming year. This year, we are hoping to consolidate or develop what we are already doing in a number of ways.

  • We’ve set up a Working Party of look at the Parish Rooms, and how they can be developed.
  • We will be running our first Growing Leaders course to help some of those who take responsibility in our churches.
  • Later in the year we will be reviewing our small groups which help people hold together faith and daily life.

There are also three ways we would like to invite the wider church to share in our focus areas:

This year, we are only asking if you would like to begin being involved for the first time – not if you are already involved.

At Church and in Services

Please double click & fill the box if you would like to get involved…

Becoming rooted in God, growing together in faith, reaching out with love.